Lend an ear
for deaf children


Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam exists to help educate profoundly deaf children in Hoi An, Vietnam and enable them to positively contribute to the Hoi An community. Registered in Australia as a not-for-profit organisation, Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam was established by Mai McCann in 2008. Mai started as a self-funded volunteer in Vietnam in 2006, and saw for herself the urgent need for assistance for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Unlike Western countries, there are extremely limited resources for those with disabilities in Vietnam.

From what began as a plan to personally help one or two children, on a part-time basis, Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam has now expanded to the point where 19 children are being educated on a full-time basis. There are many more on the waiting list. Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam started with just one “classroom” and two part-time students and now has two classrooms for 19 students. Today, students attend Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam from 7.00am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Our newest classroom is primarily for an Early Intervention Group – these students began with us at just three-years-old. The photos below show the progression of Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam over the years.

Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam students, teachers, parents and sponsor enjoying Mid-Autumn Festival

Our “seniors” classroom is now looking like a mainstream classroom with students learning at 2 different levels

Our classroom is growing although it is in the same room as the teachers’ bed (seen on the Right)